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Electrical Clothes Dryers play a huge part of everyday laundry life, in particular through the wet and cold months, with that in mind, keeping your dryer in fully functional order is very important in the everyday running of your household laundry requirements. Choosing the best technician to repair and service your dryer is a very important step in your decision making process. Our professional and experienced dryer technicians are regularly trained in the service & repairs of dyer models, both old and new.

Lets face it, sometimes drying your clothes in the hot Queensland sun is just is not as efficient as a clothes dryer, for when you want your clothes ready fast. So when your dryer breaks you will need to get it repaired quickly, to a professional standard at an affordable price.  At Queensland Appliance Repair, we will  get your dryer back in perfect working order in no time and with rates that won’t break the bank.  

Clothes Dryers – Maintenance is essential

Nowadays there are two main types of clothes dryers in the majority of  homes. The generic type with a room vented assembly and the modern condensing types. Both of these need to be cleaned of lint regularly to maintain optimal performance, this helps you to increase the longevity of the machine and to save you precious pennies. The team over at Mr Appliance have done a great job at showing you how to regularly maintain your dryer. 

Common Faults that we encounter

With 15+ years of experience our professional team of technicians have seen more or less anything that can go wrong with a household dryer. Some of the most common faults that we see include:

  • The Dryer doesn’t turn on
  • The Dryer is not drying clothes
  • The Dryer is getting dangerously hot
  • The Dryer starts, but suddenly stops
  • The Dryer door does not shut properly.

We are ready to help you. Our aim is to get a same day repair for your dryer. Get in touch with us by calling the number below or filling out the form  at the bottom of the page.

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